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What is TechBerry’s social trading?

The best platform in all respects is TechBerry. With eight years of experience providing social trading services, it knows precisely what traders of all levels of Forex experience need. Thanks to TechBerry, users can use artificial intelligence (AI). It improves the quality of the analytical work carried out and helps determine the most profitable and profitable transactions. More than 100,000 traders use trading data to achieve these goals. AI analyzes them in detail, after which the best trading strategy is formed on their basis.

TechBerry has managed to automate Forex trading fully. This was achieved thanks to advanced neural algorithms capable of making independent decisions. In this case, the trader practically does not participate in the work, which eliminates the impact on the process of the human factor. It is what often causes most of the mistakes made.

Nuances of cooperation

TechBerry strives to be the best in everything. To do this, measures are being taken to increase traders' comfort and expand their trading opportunities. First, experts pay attention to the low cost of providing services. This makes them accessible even to people who don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars in their bank accounts. After paying for the subscription, the whole set of features provided by the selected tariff becomes available to the trader. Many valuable options range from lowering the commission to increasing the trading losses compensation. The last possibility is unique and is not found in most competitors.

For TechBerry, every customer matters. For beginners, they help learn the features of Forex trading and the secrets of this business. Traders with little experience have the opportunity to improve their skills and gradually become more qualified professionals. TechBerry opens up unlimited possibilities for professionals and creates the most comfortable conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation. For each category of clients, it is possible to integrate the platform with popular MT4 and MT5 trading terminals. This is done as simply as likely and with minimal time. After completing all the settings, traders can immediately get to business and enjoy the work.

Can TechBerry be considered a secure platform?

Throughout the entire period of its existence, TechBerry has been responsible for its duties. This maximizes customers' trust and does not cause them doubts about the security of the service. The latter is achieved through the use of modern data encryption algorithms. They reliably protect customer data and information about all ongoing financial transactions. TechBerry also informs clients about the need to store passwords securely and instructs traders on various other issues related to account security.

The security of cooperation with TechBerry is proved by the good reviews of various regulators that monitor all the financial activities of the platform. These companies have a good reputation so you can trust them 100%. In addition, TechBerry's permanent partners are well-known brokerage companies that cooperate only with the best of the best.

TechBerry efficiency

The secret of TechBerry's effectiveness lies in its ability to adapt to changing conditions quickly. This ability allowed the company to be one of the first to introduce AI platforms into the work. It is not subject to emotions, never forgets anything, and does not require rest. This enables efficient work to be carried out 24 hours a day. When trading in manual mode, achieving such indicators will only be possible.

Being able to monitor the market situation around the clock with the help of TechBerry opens up access to all potentially profitable trades. By joining each of them, you can maximize profits and collect a perfect amount in your account by the end of the day. If this process is not stopped even for a second, then monthly, it will be possible to receive at least 11.2% of income (of the investment amount). This is a very high figure, proving the effectiveness of automated trading with TechBerry.


TechBerry is attractive to customers with its wide range of tariffs. Each of them has its characteristics, so it is ideal for one or another user. Among the many options available, one free plan stands out. It provides traders with minimal opportunities, allowing them to get acquainted with the work of TechBerry without any extra financial costs.

Among paid tariffs, you can choose one of 7 options. The cheapest is $9, and the most expensive is $499. The higher the price, the more privileges the trader receives. The critical difference between the tariffs is the size of the minimum deposit. It varies from $1,000 to $500,000. Also, the differences are visible in the service fee (15%-50%), the percentage of trading losses compensation (40%-100%), and the availability of additional options. The latter includes online trading monitoring and the possibility of using the services of a personal manager.


The work on improving the platform continues. Thanks to this, various privileges become available to TechBerry customers that users of other services do not have. Existing shortcomings are quickly eliminated, so their list gets shorter daily.

Pros Cons
the popularity of the platform there is no possibility of using other trading terminals except MT4 and MT5
powerful regulators blocking access to the platform for clients who do not meet TechBerry requirements
partnership with top brokers
use of trading data of real traders
implementation of AI in work


TechBerry is the most popular social trading platform. It brought together traders from all over the world and allowed them to trade automatically. Using cutting-edge developments, TechBerry has raised the bar to the maximum for customers and achieved high-profit growth rates. This had a positive impact on the credibility of the platform and its popularity among traders with different levels of professionalism.

Comprehensive range of features
Flexible pricing plans
Mobile app for on-the-go trading
Quick customer support response times
Occasional delays in customer support responses

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