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About FGEA

Forex Gump EA is a unique tool that combines the functions of a simple Expert Advisor and an automatic system. Ukrainian specialist A. Kozak developed this robot. Its first and last version appeared in mid-2017. Since then, FGEA has never been updated. There is no more information about the creation of the robot and its owners in any official source.

FGEA is simple and easy to use. It can only be combined with the popular platforms MT4 and MT5. This circumstance narrows the trader's options when choosing a suitable broker (not all intermediaries work with these trading terminals). The developer's website claims that a considerable percentage of income is generated by using the robot. Most likely, this is not true, but it is impossible to verify this information without long-term use of the trading instrument.

The official website of the robot has an exclusively English-language interface. The information on this web resource is minimal, so potential customers have to look for data of interest elsewhere. At the same time, the FGEA website has enough information about the available tariff plans. The first one is $199, and the second is $399. The difference is the number of Live and Demo accounts available. The cheap tariff provides a 1+1 performance, and the expensive one 3+Unlimited.

Features of use

FGEA is considered an easy-to-use robot. Because of this, it is popular with traders just starting their journey in the world of Forex. Users must carefully prepare for work and correctly activate the bot despite the simplicity.


  1. You don't need to register to get started. It is enough to go to the official website and scroll down a little on its main page. You will see both available tariffs, from which you need to choose the most suitable one.
  2. After that, click on the "Buy now" button. In the window that opens, fill in the empty fields with the information necessary for making a payment.
  3. Confirm all your actions and wait for a letter to the specified email. It will contain the installation file of the robot.
  4. Download the assistant to your computer, and then open the platform you are using.
  5. In her account, link the robot to your trading account.
  6. Next, activate the bot and enjoy its work.

The more nuances, the more difficult it is to use the robot. There are relatively few in the case of FGEA, but they still need to be considered. This will benefit the trader and help to understand better all the secrets of operating the bot.

Important features:

Trade FGEA trades non-stop, five days a week. He independently looks for the right moment to enter the market and determines the optimal time to close the transaction. All operations are carried out only if the probability of success is as high as possible. Nine different currencies are used for trading. At the same time, only 25 of their combinations (pairs) are available. The timeframes used vary within M1-D1. Another critical parameter is the level of risk. FGEA has 4 of them, so traders can set the desired settings before launching the bot.
Payment The developer provided only two ways to buy a bot. A bank card is used for payment in the first of them, and in the second, it is PayPal. Both options do not require the cost of an additional commission in favor of the seller. In this case, the bank and the payment system may charge a certain percentage of the transfer amount. The money is often credited quickly, so the buyer will not have to wait long.
Minimum deposit To trade with Forex Gump EA, you must have at least $40 in your account. In this case, the robot will make transactions with minimal investment, so it will not work to earn big money in this way. Experienced users recommend replenishing the account with 3-4 thousand dollars. This is a relatively large amount that will help to achieve a good profit from each of the transactions.
Safety Using Forex Gump EA does not guarantee profit. Therefore, to acquire such an assistant or not, everyone decides for himself. Also, the site does not contain information about financial risks. The only thing that pleases is a money-back guarantee within 30 days from the date of payment for the tariff plan.
Contacts Contacting the developer or his representatives is quite tricky. The only way to do this is to fill out a particular form on the official web resource. At the same time, applications are often considered for a long time, and the answer comes only after 1-2 days.
Exchanges Supported
Customer Support


Forex Gump EA review and various reviews about this Expert Advisor allow you to form your opinion about its activities. The list of essential advantages/disadvantages also helps in this. This information is necessary for every trader, and it is impossible to imagine a review without it.

Pros Cons
Process automation Minimum information on the site
Ease of use Secrecy of developers
Compatibility with popular platforms The declared percentage of profit is excessively high
Competent price policy Difficult to contact the owners of the robot
Round-the-clock assistance
Demo version
Money-back guarantee
Good feedback
Access to trade with minimal investment
A good selection of assets to trade

Forex automation is the only correct solution. For its implementation, you should use such assistants as Forex Gump EA. It successfully copes with its tasks and is as simple as possible to operate. Having learned all its secrets, you can increase work efficiency and multiply profits.

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